Warwick Farm racecourse was established in the early years of the 1880’s. The racecourse was set up by one William Alexander Long when he purchased Warwick Park, just to the south west of Sydney.

Long sold the whole estate including the racecourse to William Forrester. It was Forrester that renamed the racecourse Warwick Farm so it matched his own initials.  Since then it has hosted Sydney horse racing meetings on a regular basis. These days it has become one of the most popular horse racing courses not only in New South Wales but the whole of Australia.

The majority of horse races are open to entry to horses of all ages. The races held there are of different lengths and the race meetings are generally well-attended. Horse owners are keen to have their horses race at Warwick Farm as well.

The main races held there include the Liverpool City Cup, the Silver Shadow Stakes, the Surround Stakes, and the Warwick Stakes.  Then there is also the AJC Challenge Stakes plus the Up and Coming stakes.

Warwick Farm is a tight track with a circumference of only 1,937 metres and a short straight of 326 metres. All starts above 1000m have a long run until the first turn and it is a track that suits horses who like to race on the pace as the tight turns makes it tough to come from behind especially if wide around the final bend.

Circumference: 1,937 metres
Straight: 326 metres
Direction: Clockwise

Warwick Farm Race Track Contact Details

Australian Turf Club

Warwick Farm
Ph: 1300 729 668
Fax: 02 9662 6292
Website: Australian Turf Club

Getting There

By Train

The nearest train station is Warwick Farm Station, on the South, Cumberland, Bankstown, and Inner West lines. It is then a 1km walk to Warwick Farm Racecourse, or you can catch the shuttle bus from the station to the racecourse.
Plan your journey with the Cityrail Timetable.

By Bus

A shuttle bus operates between the Warwick Farm train station and Warwick Farm Racecourse.

By Car

Warwick Farm Racecourse is about 30kms from the Sydney CBD, located next to the Hume Highway in Warwick Farm. You can get there via the Hume Highway, or the South Western Motorway. Parking is available on the Ledger Lawn at the racetrack.

Warwick Farm Racecourse


1000m – Starting in a chute the race starts just shy of course proper where runners sprint for 650m before hitting the final turn. This doesn’t give inside barriers much of an advantage.

1100m – The same as 1000m with a 750m sprint to the turn and not much advantage for inside barriers.

1200m – Now with about 850m to the turn there is no advantage for barriers.

1400m – Runners get a long 1050m stretch before the home turn which gives every barrier an equal chance of winning.

1600m – Starts in a chute just after the final turn giving runners a 400m run before negotiating the first of two turns. Inside barriers have a bit of an advantage.

2200m – Action now starts on course proper in the home straight 300m before the first of the three turns. Inside barriers have a small advantage.

2400m – This distance see action start in a chute 200m up from the 2200m starting point. It’s 500m down the home straight to the first turn so inside barriers don’t have much of an advantage.