It’s one of the most logical arguments in horse racing. The faster a horse runs over a given distance, the better it’s chances of winning. How do we know when a horse is going to run faster than its rivals, the challenge for punters is far more complex than collecting race times and comparing them amongst the runners in a race.

MSpeed is a combination of our very successful Main Ratings system and our Speed ratings to provide a very accurate tool on selecting Winning horses.

Our software analyses all this data with great accuracy and you will instantly see which are the standout horse(s) for the upcoming race, Our Speed Ratings can help you win more money, more often whether you are a serious punter or just a casual one.

I would like to ask you one question – why do horses at good odds Win races that the general punting public give no chance?, I hear it all the time, “that horse is 2 classes below these and has no chance” in fact that horse that is supposedly 2 classes down is running better times and improving than any other horse in the race, that’s why it Won.

You need to analyse speed times in a different way than the general public does. – this is exactly what our software will do and the accuracy of its predictions is a testament to the Winners it selects.

Some of our key factors analysing a horse’s speed, and consequently the time that they run in a race include:

  • Track condition;
  • Horse development (how much has the horse improved since its 2nd last start to its last start in preparation for todays run, you will instantly see if a horse has improved.
  • Distance.
  • Weight.
  • Barrier.
  • Rail Position.
  • Track.

All these factors play a big part on how the horse will perform, of course there are a few other factors as well built into this program.

For a one off payment of $149.95 you will have your own software copy, included in this one off payment is 1 month of us supplying all the data for the program to run.

We supply for Metropolitan Melbourne/Sydney & Brisbane racing on Wednesday’s and Saturday’s, a new file is sent out each race day generally the night before.

After this month you can go alone and compile the info yourself or we can supply for a low cost of $45.00 per month, that’s a little over $10 per week.

Watch our video below on the operation and layout of our program.

To purchase, follow this link and select MSpeed Ratings Software…..

Speed Ratings Software

What’s Included with this Package

  • Your own copy of our Excel based Software pre loaded with Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane racing arranged by our chief analyst, a new file is sent each race day.
  • Our Successful Main Ratings are included in the Software.
  • Our Betting spreadsheet loaded with selections and ready to go.
  • Full access to the programs parameters.
  • Full ongoing support and Updates to the Software.
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Videos on Operation

** Please note we have had some major changes to the Software since the video release, the transfer of horse selections into the selection page is now fully automatic **

General Layout

On Race Day

Betting Sheets

Testimonials by our Members

Hi Ash, thanks again for being thorough with your explanations.

Very impressed with this product, you’re the consummate professional and have just raised the bar.


Terry L

Ash, I just wanted to give a big thanks for a great product and your support and availability with questions is first class.

Keep up the great work


Mark K

Fantastic product – I’m finally enjoying race days and having great success, love the software

Scott T

Members Comments

  • Ash

    Members welcome to our comments section, please feel free to post you comments on the software and of course your Winners $$

  • Wayne

    Thanks team, how was your 2nd pick yesterday Caulfield R1 – Uptown Girl $126 a win and ran 2nd !, unfortunately I didn’t get on it but I did manage to get on the top pick R6 Bons Away, got it at $20. thanks a heap.

    • Ash

      Wayne, yep some great results there

  • Dan Burns

    Hi Ash , Thanks for the software , I personally had a very profitable day yesterday thanks to the ratings.
    Dan B

    • Ash

      Thanks Dan, glad you also had a great day

  • Jim

    First week using the software, so far I’m very impressed with some great results yesterday, keep up the good work

    • Ash

      Thanks Jim

  • Bomber

    111×1 – PRO PUNTING
    ASH: Mspeed
    Great Day first up with user friendly software. Recommended to get on it put in your Black book, a BIG WATCH second up! First 3 winners all up in Caulfield equals happy boy. Can’t wait till next week.

    • Ash

      Thanks Steve

  • June

    Thanks team, just want to say I love it

    • Ash

      Thanks June, glad you are liking the Software

  • The Frog

    Morning Ash, looking forward to Caufield Cup Day, should be great. I
    like your recent review on rules etc. For those that stray or apply your
    own spin to the program and end up with a bad result, look back through
    your emails from Ash and review his fundamentals. I have been with Ash
    for some time now and his guidance is invaluable, stick to the
    parameters and you will win, a get out target is extremely profitable.

    Thx Ash gr8 wrk. TL

  • The Frog

    Another solid day Ash, Thx m8. out with SR7 5.7%

  • Jimmy

    Bang Bang Bang !! thanks team – I managed both Quaddies in Sydney – what a day

  • Col

    My first Sat. with Pro software. Its excellent and absolutely drilled it with me betting small being my first try. I’ pretty well disciplined so stopped when ahead but it just kept rolling.
    The selection process is really interesting when you compare it to the way you would have bet or use it in conjunction.
    It is a genuine and sophisticated way of approaching form and all credit to Ash in its development.

  • The Frog

    Hi Ash I hope everyone else has had a gr8 day as well. Out on 7% BR7

  • Frankie

    Hi Team, joined last week and what a great day I had, looking forward to many more wins with this Software